Gregory Kingsley

Gregory kingsley
Gregory Kingsley met Anabeta Nerada in Craidyl. The two were married and settled in Tamaril.
Gregory settled down from his life as a traveling archaeologist and took a job at the bardic colleges in Deka teaching ancient studies.

They Settled into a little house in Tamaril, where Anabeta got pregnant, and Corraline Kingsley was born.

Gregory frequently took Corraline with him to classes at the college and as a result she was raised surrounded by information.

Gregory traveled between the college and his home in Tamaril and met many adventurous people along the way, including a Mr. Cail Almer, who was a skilled fighter. Mr Almer and Gregory became friends, and Gregory invited Mr Almer to become his body guard, travelling with him on his occasional excursions to recover ancient artifacts.

Mr Almer taught Gregory to fight with a rapier, although he was not entirely successful. He learned to swing well enough but didnt have the constitution for fighting, so he just kept mr Almer around to provide a strong arm.

Gregory Kingsley

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