Corraline Kingsley

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Corraline Lucile Kingsley was born in Tamaril to parents Gregory Kingsley and Anabeta Nerada.

Her father was a professor at the bardic colleges of Deka and her mother was ambassador to the Craidyl courts for Olindra Rift.

While Corraline was young she would accompany her mother to the Craidyl courts and as a result became acquainted with many influential people in the area, it taught her to be well mannered, but inquisitive as they were always talking about such interesting places and things.

She also spent a lot of her formative years in the care of her great aunt Krien, sage of Craidyl, who loved to have deep philosophical conversations over tea. They began a curriculum of ancient history, languages, and archaeology which Corraline was particularly interested in because of hearing her father speak of his work.

When Corraline was about 11 she began spending a lot more time at the college with her father. She was exposed to alot of history and culture of the realm. She discovered that she was especially interested in the items of true science and how they worked.

For Corraline’s 15th birthday she accompanied her father on his Lady’s Gate mission and returned with an artifact compass that detects other items of true science and it was then that she decided that would be the focus of her career. (And that she hates rats)

This was also when she began to learn to use a rapier. Her father suggested visiting his friend Cail Andell for some pointers so that she could use the sword more proficiently. She spent the next 5 years studying swordplay and how to effectively use it with dexterity and finesse. Sparring with Cail’s son Chrisagon Andell she discovered many vital areas she could exploit, and how to deftly dodge incoming strikes. The two taught her to become a rather good fencer and she and Chrisagon became friends.

When she was 20 she moved back to Craidyl to be closer to her mother and spent time in the courts again, although this time Olindra recognized the potential in Corraline and appointed her as an official runner. She did several missions for Olindra which required even more travel and research but also allowed her to pursue her passion for relic acquisition.

Corraline often stopped in to study and philosophize with Krien after her expeditions and to have the sage help her chronicle any artifacts that she may have found to determine where they should be stored. Sometimes she was even allowed to keep an artifact if it wasn’t necessary to store it for historical value. She acquired a nice pair of Dark vision goggles in this fashion.

Several years later, The Tlia Na Zhin Elves from the south contacted Krien to warn of a new threat. Daemons had found a way into the realm and were planning on taking over unless something could be done. Olindra sent two inquisitors to Krien for tutelage and Krien in turn also requested Corraline come and learn what she could. The inquisitors were identical twins, which gave them a unique perspective on learning, and the three traded notes and fought to discern the source and reason behind the daemon incursion. They would often explore the guts of the city to get away from all the structure of Krien’s classes, and ended up becoming adventure buddies getting further and further down into the belly of Craidyl.

Part of Krien’s schooling, it turned out, was learning the language of the southern elves and becoming acquainted with the courtly ambassadors from their region. The twins did not do as well at learning the intricacies of the foreign tongue, but Corraline already spoke several languages, so she picked it up rather quickly. Yuri was the ambassadors bodyguard and had been assigned to teach them Zhin, but she was also required to learn common for herself. Corraline tried to help her friends pick up words and phrases but it seemed that was all they would ever have the capacity for. Yuri and Corraline would have extensive conversations while they guys sat dumbfounded or practiced their sword play in the back of the room. A friendship was formed, and they traded stories of their lives and experiences.

One day while studying in Krien’s basement, a messenger brought word of a terrible explosion. It seemed Deka had been the target of a horrible attack and the whole town was destroyed, including the colleges and Corraline’s father. Corraline was devastated, but determined to discover the persons responsible and exact revenge. She pushed even further into her studies, and pulled away from all frivolous activities.

Several months later, Corraline had hit a wall, and wasnt sure there was much else she could learn from Krien. She took a night off and was sitting in the inn when a dark skinned man entered with a black blade across his back. Intrigued she walked over and asked if she could get his meal for him and they sat at a table in the corner. He revealed that his name was Cathan and he was a member of the Black Blades out of Eingana’s court in the desert. She struck up a conversation on the wonders of the desert and its history of magical storms and he promised to escort her down there one day to see the magic of the desert for herself. They had a companionable meal and he left.

The next day Pemboken arrived in town and Krien arranged passage for Corraline to the Eidenshar to plunder the ancient Tryllian ruins evacuated many years prior to the Clans taking over. Yuri had mentioned a young man from the area that she was familiar with and had promised that he would be honorable and just. She packed up and headed south.

After the airship deposited her in a small village and returned to Craidyl, Corraline discovered that the Tryllian ruins were dispersed throughout the lands but that there were also tribal burial places interspersed and she would not be allowed to mistake the two. The young man Yuri had spoken of, Garok had assured her that he would be able to distinguish one from the other and would help keep her on the right path. Garok introduced her to Herkammer another of his clansmen that would be accompanying them, and explained that his father had requested that he look out for the fellow while he was gone. The trio left the village and struck out to find her treasures.
Corraline learned a lot growing up with her father. She speaks several languages, understands the mechanics of physics and engineering, and can disassemble and reassemble nearly anything put in front of her. She has an incredibly inquisitive mind and likes to try to figure out the reasoning behind why something works. She is also well traveled, as she would often accompany her father on sabbatical looking for rare and intriguing artifacts.  Corraline, like her father, goes out often to find hidden historical artifacts and illuminated texts so that Deka’s colleges can be rebuilt in the image of their former glory. She finds her greatest enjoyment in the field, observing different cultures and their people. She has a keen eye, a quick wit, and is never judgmental of strangers.  

Corraline is pretty intense, and once she sets her mind to something she doesnt let anyone or anything distract her. She’s never really been interested in boys… not that she dislikes them but shes never really seen the point in getting all silly over someone who might or might not pay attention to her in the future. She assumes that if there is someone thats meant for her she will know him when she sees him.

Corraline Kingsley

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