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Chrisagon was born to Cail Andell and Amras Mourn. He has his fathers build but, like his mother, is pleasing to look upon. According to his father, he has his mother’s temperament as well. His father is an accomplished swordsman and has fought several winter campaigns against the Orc and other military campaigns for Lady’s Gate and the Kalls. The Mourns were an old family, Amras was the last of them and the family holdings outside Lady’s Gate went with Amras’ hand in marriage.

Cail was a valiant soldier and a good comrade, however, he was a average to poor father and a terrible husband. When Chrisagon was younger his father taught him the things a man should know, how to ride, fire a bow, hunt and to fight. At these things Cail excelled and Chrisagon was a good student. During his late teens his father took to training the daughter of an old friend of his. Her name was Corraline Kingsley and apparently she insisted on accompanying her father on his adventures and needed to be trained to take care of herself. Chrisagon often sparred with Corraline during these training trips, which occurred over the next several years, and he and Corraline became friends.

In time it was learned that Chrisagon had a strange ability to tend to the injured. With a simple touch he could save those on the edge of death, giving them the opportunity to heal. His father wanted to keep this strange ability secret, but his mother insisted on bringing it to the attention of the Order of the Blessed Mother. They took an interest in this fine strapping young boy, and the decision was made to admit him to training as a Paladin of Order.

His father never had much use for Chrisagon after he took his vows. Cail never cared much for knights. He considered them decent in a fight but believed the men-at-arms do all the real work while the knights took all the credit. Amras was much more supporting of her son and encouraged him in his training with the Order.

Two years ago the young Paladin and his father came together again in the failed defense of Lady’s Gate against the inhuman forces of Shadiz. But after the fall of Lady’s Gate Cail followed what as left of the army to the Eastern Keep, and eventually moved to Alinshire and took a captaincy among its military forces. In doing so he forced Chrisagon and his mother to abandon her family home and lands outside of Lady’s Gate. The land is still in the family, yet today the well is filled with rubble, and the house and outbuildings lie in ruin. Amras passes her time as a seamstress making fine gowns for the ladies of Alinshire. Chrisagon hopes to one day finance the rebuilding of his mothers home and to restore this families lands.

Pained at losing his home, Chrisagon took the opportunity to accompany Corraline on one of her many missions of acquisition for Orlindra Rift herself! He had only been back a short time when he joined the forces from Cradyl to cross the pass and do battle with the Orc on the Northern Front. Their he became friends with two inquisitors from Cradyl, twin brothers named Valen and Rollan. After several months on the front Chrisagon accompanied the brothers on their returned to Cradyl so that he could continue his training with the Order. It was they who approached him about the possibility of a grand adventure to the south. Tired of war, Chrisagon was eager to test his metal, and spread the faith, in the lands to the south.

They set off on a strange and wonderous airship from the south. During the trip Chrisagon took to opportunity to learn the language of Zhin from Yuri, a servant to the Zhin abassador Lady Kitsanie. Yuri proves a good tudor and pleasant company, however he suspects there is more to her than meets the eye.

With only a few days left on their journey the airship collides with a strange floating citidale in the shape of a pyramid. The vessel quckly crashes. Chrisagon was below then this occured. As he reaches the upper decks of the vessel Yuri rushes past him to the lower decks, which are on fire, calling for the Lady Kitsanie. Chrisagon follows to assist, however, when they find the Lady Kitsanie she is beyond help, impaled by large beams of the vessel itself. As fire sweeps through the ship Lady Kitsaanie orders Yuri to end her life. Yuri complies and Chrisagon and she head for the upper deck of the ship. Once on the upper deck they see the end of a battle between the ships survivors and a band of ogers. A loud werring sound begens to come from the ship. Chrisagon garbs Yuri and they leap off the ship, then put as much distance between the dying vessel and themselves as possible before the ship explodes in a brilliant flash of light.

Survying the weckage and tending to wounded Chrisagon is shocked to find that his old friend Corraline is among them. She had apparently been on the ground waiting to meet the very vessel he had been traveling on. Chrisagon uses hsi channel ability to heal most of the wounded. He then turns to the weckage of the ship. Among the rubbel Chrisagon is able to retrive his shield, sword, helmet, handy haversack and efficient quiver, but his two suits of armor were ruined.

At this moment the floating citidale begens to decind through the cloads as if to land. Chrisagon grips the hilt of his sword tightly and looks to his comrades as they begen to discuss their next course of action.

Chrisagon Andell

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