Per my orders I am writing in this journal. This is the first time I have had to write down what has happened. I will start from the beginning. While traveling to Gynfenen the ship transporting us collided with a object in the sky. The object come to find out is some kind of Perfected ships. The collision caused the ship we were using to plummet to the ground busting apart. Several people of high ranking were killed in the crash. As we were gathering survivors we were attacked by a group of ogers. While large and imposing they were no stronger than a normal Chosen baby. After dispatching them we gathered what was left of the supplies and headed toward town. Corraline and some new friends appeared and helped us. It was nice to see another familiar face in this situation.
The town wasn’t far from the crash site but the journey wasn’t with out minor complication. Seems some knolls caught our sent and were tracking us. A few light spells and they were easily dealt with. Upon arriving at the town we were greeted and the survivors were set up in lodgings. I set up my tent by a old tree in the middle of town. The tree seems to be of special meaning to the town perhaps sacred need to find out. I was greeted by a man named Ideerkin. A rather large man who didn’t seem to care what I looked like in fact wanted to trade with me. I traded some silks for some local cloths and a dress for men……kind of drafty. I must have said something to upset him because at one point he was trying to leave. Must have been the fact that I gave his wife a nickname and not him must work on one for him perhaps baldy. On a side note seems to be the person to talk to about setting up trade must remember to inquire into.
Almost forgot a few guys from the ship and the two Corraline brought went out to investigate the ship we crashed into. Vallen, Rollan and the shiny guy from the ship I think his name was Chrisagon. Now that I think about it not shiny anymore lost his armor have to come up with a new name. I am getting side tracked. The guys from the ship and Garok and Herkammer….need some nicknames went in the other direction. Told us they would meet up with us again latter….might wait to give nicknames until they get back just incase.
On a personal not I must say that new book i picked up before leaving is working great the nicknames are really making me some new friends. Besides that everyone seems to love them they smile and nod a lot. I even got a new one from some of the crew it was round eye.
After bartering me and Corraline decided to try some and the local ale. I must say it was much better than anything The Chosen offer just not as strong. Note: inquire about setting up trade on this item also. During the drinks two witches fly into town and talked to the head of the village. Warned of danger incoming but didn’t give much more. I think I will call the youngest one Jumpy if we become friends hmmm maybe call the older one gray hair. Shortly after there arrival the men who went to investigate the ship arrived into town. They saw drakes being ridden by a group they were calling the Githyanki. Warned they maybe heading this way and should get everyone prepared. The Thane of the village asked us to help protect a family by the name Loklorian who live on the outskirts of the village.
We left toward were they lived when we were attacked by some type of bug creature. They were not much threat but slowed us down. I was after the fight we ran into some Ogers or should I san they ran into us. They were trying to escape the drakes seen earlier. We dispatched them and were caught off guard from the drakes and there riders. After a long fight they were dispatched the drakes remained but there riders bodies vanished. The Loklorian saw the fight and helped us cut up the drakes and carry them to town.
Upon entering town we were greeted as heroes. It has been a long day and sleep is needed. Can sort out everything found and plan our next move in the morning.

Journal Entry #2

When my parents were killed I was full of rage and sorrow. Rage at the ones that did it and also at myself. So when I saw the party given for the dead and the soon to die I was left confused. Death is approaching for some yet they seem to accept and revel in it. The night was filled with drink and dance. I spent most of the night playing this strange game with Valen. Took me awhile to understand it but once I did it was very enjoyable. Side Note: Need to write down rules and bring back game to the village. The party went on until the early morning. After everyone left we were giving the skull to return to its tomb.
We traveled a few day until we arrived got closer to the Perfected ship. As we approached the lava fields we heard the shouts of some female elves. We rushed in to help but as we arrived they were cut down. I rushed to engage the orcs responsible and with the help of Yuri was able to dispatch them. As we finished dispatching them some hell hounds appeared. I fought them as Yuri went to help everyone else with a fire giant.
While engaged with the hell hounds a orc leader arrived but I killed him the second he stepped on the battle field causing his troops to flee. About the time I finished dispatching my foe I turned to help with the fire giant. He was killed about the time I got there. Personal Note: The group I am traveling with is strong makes me feel good about our odds.
The Elves that were killed were northern from the looks of them. How they got here and why they were here we don’t know. We set up camp to rest after the long fight. Herkammer decided he would like to fight some fire giants latter in to the night. We followed with not wanting him to get killed. New nickname for him – Big Target.
We found two in the same place we fought the orcs and engaged them. They were a challenge with Garok taking a lot of punishment. Nickname for him – Bleedy.
By the time we defeated them it was day break. We were greeted as we entered camp by Chrisagon and Valen. We left them in camp asleep unguarded not the best plan must make sure to not do again.
Need rest after fight will write more later.


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