Welcome back and review

Review of past, Party is currently in city of Bolar. After three days of rest they decide to move forward farewell feast with Yarl of Bolar Yarl hesitant, he explains the difficulties of the trip. he offers letter of introduction to dwarves in Norcrund, but warns not to depend on it. He does mention that we should try to go from dwarven city to settlement of corsek. After that we have to go thru graveyard, adscua daethu, and the we will find halls of ithux mor which is composed of multi layered illusions. We will need some way to see past the illusions to be able to get past and to the gates to Jotunmark.

Last session corraline and team were in dungeons and met with resistance in the form of a shining child. Corraline was caught in a trap but instead of dying was turned dragon disciple by original dragon to start a line of true blood dragons. Dragon was named Lord Astagon, an ancient black in a sub basement of the sewers they were in.

Little bit of shopping then we head to Norcrund.

Coming up on the city, we realize that the steppes of the stronghold are lit more brightly than it should be for normal fire. Next morning as we enter the city we admire the circuitry type knot work. As we walk thru we realize the jacar is attracting a glow from the lights in the city. The lights are being fed thru the circuitry built into the walls.

We make it up the six levels to the king and can no longer hide the jacar due to the light from the walls that are pooling around Galen’s feet trying to connect with it.

We have inadvertently upset the king and after he storms out we are told by the captain that there is an Elven woman that is powering the well, and it seems that the whole stronghold is perfected architecture.

We plan to try to and either find a replacement power source for the city or find something else that the king deems worth enough to allow us to take her and let the city power down. Our plan is either try to negotiate a peace treaty with orxthrall. We willmsleepmand leave in the morning. As we are eating dinner, Ty and anni appear at our table and warn us that the jacar must be removed or else the stronghold will come alive on multiple dimensions leaving a doorway for anything to come thru. Ty also tells us that we have a viable power source we just need to charge it in the well which happens to be located in oryx thrall.

April 14th

Surviving crew members salvage items off the ship and pile up for inspection.

Party splits up and yuri, corraline, chrisagon, and Cathan take survivors back to town while rest of party go to investigate the floating pyramid. Town group are accosted by gnolls in the forest on the way back, but casting light scares them enough for the group to make it to town. Chrisagon accompanies the survivors to the inn with yuri, while Cathan and corraline make way to the market where they encounter Ideerken and wife. Two witches drop down into the center of town and go to warn the jarl that the enemy has arrived.

Meanwhile, pyramid group are advancing on the pyramid when it opens up and dragon like creatures with some sort of riders issue forth, scaring ogres toward the group. The creatures turn out to be fire drakes and they shoot fireballs at the ogres killing them. At this moment the inquisitors realize the riders are githyanki. A few seconds later the pyramid slams into the ground burying itself halfway into the earth, creating an earthquake in which we almost lose Garok and Rollan in a fissure, and the group notice that lava is flowing away from the pyramid. The adventures decide to head back to the village to warn them.

They get back to town and the jarl calls for the horn to be blown to bring in all the outlying farmers into safety of the town. Master armorsmith littlefoot arrives and townsmen start preparing for war. Apprentice witch warns that there is one family that is in danger of being attacked on their way in by ogres — group decides to go bring them in.

Group heads to bring in the family, and realize they aree feeling tremors in the ground as they move. Ankhegs burst from the ground and attack. Ankhegs are dispatched as a line of ogres come running up running away from something. We kill the 6 ogres, and then we find out the ogres were running from 4 drakes ridden by githyanki. They are also killed, and the the family come shakily up from a ravine to help us carry loot and butcher the drakes. Head of the loklorian family carries head of drake back to town and announces us as heroes to town. Everyone is healed and we go to bed.

April 7
Start of adventure - meeting up

Yuri, Valen, Rollan, Chrisagon, & Cathan all board dragon ship and head south. Brynjolf, Herk and Corraline are at Glynfinan awaiting the arrival and notice the perfected stronghold in the sky. Dragon ship runs into the stronghold unexpectedly and crashes to the ground, while the group are thrown from deck – Excluding chrisagon who was below deck.

As they are recovering from the crash they notice a herd of ogres advancing from the west. A fight ensues as the ship catches fire. Yuri returns to the ship to recover her mistress only to find her impaled and begging for death. Chrisagon follows. She does the deed while the ogres are defeated outside. As the two flee the ship, it explodes, catching corraline in the blast as she was checking for survivors in the wreckage.

Chrisagon gathers the troup and channels enough healing power to bring everyone back to health. They search the bodies for anything of value. In the distance they notice the stronghold descending.

Choice is: take survivors and head back to glynfinan before dark falls, or head to intercept the perfected as they arrive.
Loot found: +2 katana, skull with crown, spell book, +2 ring of protection, 100 gold, 500 silver


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