April 7

Start of adventure - meeting up

Yuri, Valen, Rollan, Chrisagon, & Cathan all board dragon ship and head south. Brynjolf, Herk and Corraline are at Glynfinan awaiting the arrival and notice the perfected stronghold in the sky. Dragon ship runs into the stronghold unexpectedly and crashes to the ground, while the group are thrown from deck – Excluding chrisagon who was below deck.

As they are recovering from the crash they notice a herd of ogres advancing from the west. A fight ensues as the ship catches fire. Yuri returns to the ship to recover her mistress only to find her impaled and begging for death. Chrisagon follows. She does the deed while the ogres are defeated outside. As the two flee the ship, it explodes, catching corraline in the blast as she was checking for survivors in the wreckage.

Chrisagon gathers the troup and channels enough healing power to bring everyone back to health. They search the bodies for anything of value. In the distance they notice the stronghold descending.

Choice is: take survivors and head back to glynfinan before dark falls, or head to intercept the perfected as they arrive.
Loot found: +2 katana, skull with crown, spell book, +2 ring of protection, 100 gold, 500 silver



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